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organic habanero chilli

active ingredients
The most important active ingredient that the chilli contains is the capsaicin (C18H27NO3), main responsible for the hotness, because it is the hottest one among the various capsaicinoids contained in the chilli.
The capsaicin content can be measured through the "Scoville Scale": set equal to 0, the S.U. (Scoville Units) value of the sweet pepper (which does not contain capsaicin) and set equal to 16,000,000 the S.U. value of pure capsaicin, the various cultivars of chilli reach values from about 40,000 S.U. for the classic cayenne chilli, to 400,000 S.U. for the habanero pepper, up to the record level of the new hybrid varieties that exceed 1,000,000 S.U..
The habanero chilli includes several varieties, each one with its higher or lower capsaicin content. "Red Savina" can reach 600,000 S.U., "chocolate" about 300,000 S.U., "hot lemon" about 200,000 S.U..
capsaicina content
Several beneficial effects come from capsaicina, since it is a powerful antioxidant:
» helps digestion, thanks to increased secretion of gastric acids,
» stimolates metabolism,
» lowers cholesterol shares, also thanks to its ability to increase blood flow,
» would prevent some cancer, especially the prostate one, but right now the study only concerns test animals.
The chili also contains a high quantity of vitamin C, that is necessary for the collagen synthesis and for this reason involves various positive effects, especially for skin and blood vessels.
use in cookng
habanero glass jar - front
10 gs glass jar - front
habanero glass jar - back
10 gs glass jar - back
The packaging we propose is the glass jar with 10 grams of red savina habanero chilli powder.
1) How much powder can I use? Considering its high content in capsaicin, which carries a high degree of hotness, it is good to take care to the amount of habanero chilli you use, maybe starting with very small doses and taking it through the point of a knife from the glass jar and then, according to your taste, gradually increasing the dose.
2) On what dishes can I use the red savina habanero chilli? As the red colour of this chilli suggests, the best way to use red savina in your cooking is to combine it with red meat, but also to seasoning tomato sauces or to make jams. For the rest... leave free your imagination!