di Fausto Caboni
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production of spices, mushrooms, legumes, vegetables, cereals

other organic products

Organic chickpeas
For years we have grown a variety called "pascià", that has a rough coat and a medium-large seed calibre.
Chickpeas are excellent both as a side dish and as a main course in many recipes. In the night, put them to soak in water, adding a teaspoon of bicarb and the day after boil them for about one hour.
Organic vegetables
All year round we grow many varieties of seasonal vegetables: lettuces, artichokes, tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, fennels, cabbages and cauliflowers, etc..
In late summer pumpkins stand out. We grow several varieties: Atlantic Giant, Red Kuri, Marina di Chioggia, Musquee de Provence, Butternut, Hungarian Blue...
Organic potatoes
They can not miss the potatoes, that We plant at the end of February, if weather permits it.
We grow mainly yellow flesh varieties, like "Spunta" and "Monalisa", which are suitable for any type of cooking because they have a compact texture and so absorb little quantities of oil.
hard wheat
hard wheat
Organic hard wheat
Since ancient times a lot of hard wheat was produced in Sardinia (the Romans called it "Italy granary").
It plays great importance an ancient variety called "Senatore Cappelli", that we provide to a near stone mill that grind it at low temperature and make very suitable bran to prepare typical Sardinian breads.
cape gooseberry
cape gooseberry
Organic cape gooseberry
Cape gooseberry is a small and delicious yellow-orange fruit enclosed inside a petals calyx and has Peruvian origin.
Its flavour could look like a sweet little tomato and it can be used to garnish cakes or to make jams, as well as for direct consumption.
In the farm we have some hives that produce a small amount of honey at a hobbyist level.
This is a wildflower honey, but since we have an extended eucalyptus wood, around August our honey, for taste and colour, looks just like a very good eucalyptus honey.